Monday, September 19, 2016

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

Mom - Tell us about your companion.

Mom - Elder Mattson is pretty awesome. Honestly, when I first met him I thought he just cared about being "cool" or "chill" more than actually doing the work but it turns out he's a super solid missionary. He's really driven to work hard and honestly he has been one of the boldest companions I've been with. He is half Puerto Rican and is super proud of that even though he's from Lehi. Every time we talk to someone who turns out to be Puerto Rican he just loves them and talks to them about it forever. He also likes Phoenix and Two Door Cinema Club so we have that in common. He's a really genuine and good person, he's ridiculously passionate and pretty crazy, but I like him.

Savannah - What is your favorite flavor of Blue Bunny ice cream?

Savannah - I assume you're referring to Blue Bell, since that's the one that's unique to Texas? Blue Bell is phenomenal. I would have to say my favorite flavor is Cookie Two Step, which is cookie dough and cookies and creme combined. It sounds weird at first but when you actually try it it's so good. That's the only flavor I have been able to eat a half gallon of in four days. Too bad y'all will never get to try it. :)

Lucas - Has there been a time so far when you felt scared?

Lucas - I don't really get scared of things any more. We are generally in really safe areas and I'm not really scared to talk to people. It can be kind of scary to go into a lesson knowing that this person's conversion can really depend on what you say and how well you follow the Spirit. I wouldn't say it's really scary though, it just makes me feel really responsible. Back in Sealy there were some really ghetto areas but I never felt very unsafe. The only time i have felt really scared is when we were in this city called Eagle Lake looking for prospective elders and one of them was supposed to live in this house that was totally abandoned and falling apart. We knocked the door at like 8:45 at night too so that was pretty sketch. Other than that I can't really think of anything.

Eli - How many ties do you have and which one is your favorite?

Eli - My ties have multiplied a lot. I think I have around 35 right now. My favorite one is the floral tie that you can see me wearing in a lot of pictures I have sent. I got that one for free from a 60-year-old gay man in Cypress. It's pretty sweet.

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