Monday, September 5, 2016


Hey y'all.

Things are going great! I got transferred down to a ward called Morton
Ranch in Katy. It's a brand new ward that was created about one
transfer before I got there. Basically it's a part of 3 different
wards that all got split off and combined. The work was already going
really well when I got here so that was pretty exciting to see. We
have two baptismal dates named Alyssa and Laura who are gonna get
baptized on October 1 so I'm pretty stoked about that!! Oh, and it's
another bike area so it's a lot of the same old sweatiness and rain.
Gotta love that Houston weather. 😊

My new address is 2000 Westborough Drive, Katy, TX 77449. Write me letters! 💌

Oh, and this my new companion. His name is Elder Mattson and he's from
Lehi, Utah! #puertoricanpride

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