Monday, August 1, 2016


One tie July is OVER!! Thank goodness...

It's been a really weird week, but really good too. We are working as
hard or harder than ever especially on the weekends when we bike for
around 6 hours a day visiting people and tracting etc. in the Heat.

The main weird thing that happened was that our fool district leader
pranked us by putting twenty-two toads in the bathtub at our
apartment. It was a joy to return home from district meeting to find
that. Yes it is very impressive that he pulled it off. I hate though.

Also on Tuesday we biked over to our church building (which is six
miles away.. it feels pretty far) since we left our dinner calendar
there. When we went to leave it was pouring rain Texas style. We biked
home anyway. It was pretty much like biking in the shower, it was

I don't really know what else to say. I'm still alive but super
exhausted. Have a swell week y'all!

Here are some pictures and videos.

Always and forevermore: Cypress!


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