Monday, July 18, 2016

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It's been a good couple weeks. Texas is super hot but once you just
accept that you're going to sweat a ton it's fine. I actually love
biking nowadays.

We did a couple service projects which involved hammers, weeding and
being outside in general. I've never sweat so much in my life. It's
pretty chill.

Transfer calls came and Elder Mecham and I are both staying! I have a
great feeling about this next transfer. It finally feels like I am
getting into the groove of things and learning how to be effective in
this area (along with just being a self-driven missionary and person).
One transfer after this one, though, Elder Mecham goes home so he's
getting pretty trunky. I keep him in shape though. Haha

Speaking of in shape we lift weights for an hour every morning which
is more than I ever have in my life. It feels so good. We also eat a
half gallon to a gallon of blue bell every week though which is not
the best.

Cajun food is so good.

It's crazy, you'd think you learn the most on your mission when you're
being trained but you really learn about the same amount every
transfer. I guess you really never stop training.

It seems like way crazy things are happening in the world today
especially affecting missionaries in Russia and shootings in Dallas
and stuff in the Middle East, but we're super isolated from all the
political arguing that I guess is going on. It's kinda nice but mainly
super weird.

It's been super exciting to hear about all of my friends who have
received mission calls in the past couple months! I can't wait to hear
about the great things that come from those missions.

Anyway I guess in general Texas really is the best state, the Lord is
really good, life is really great and all that stuff. I'm going to be
such a different person when I get home, hopefully it'll be a good
change. I'm so stoked to date again but I need to not think about that
now I guess. Hahaha.

Have a great week! Love y'all.

-Elder Taylor

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