Monday, April 11, 2016

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Time is FLYING BY. I feel like this transfer just barely started, but
today is the first day of week 6. (Luckily we still have 2 weeks left
since it's a 7 week transfer.) I'm not really sure how I feel about it
especially because all the other missionaries in my district have been
out for a way long time. The end is in sight for all of them and they
seem pretty scared slash excited. (Except for me of course.)

Exciting news: Mauro (aka Mario for his American friends) and his wife
Ana, those investigators I talked about a couple of weeks ago, are
getting baptized this Saturday!! It's been a really amazing experience
to see them learn about the gospel. We were talking with Mauro last
night and following up with him a lot, just seeing how he feels about
everything, and man. It was awesome. He told us about how the past few
years have just been a huge transition for him (he is a former
alcoholic, he hit 1 year sober yesterday!!) and how converting to
Mormonism is just the next step in that transition. That's the thing
that makes me the most excited. Him and Ana understand all the
implications of being a Mormon and they want to do it. We will keep
working with them after the baptism, of course, but they will be such
a great addition to the branch.

Yep, pretty much all I have to say is that the Lord is blessing us
like mad crazy. I love teaching people the doctrines because it's made
me realize - the concepts of Mormonism resonate with what people
already know (naturally, it seems) about God. I used to worry back in
the MTC that I only believed the ideals of this church because they
SOUNDED so good. Who wouldn't want to believe in a God who gives
everyone an opportunity to be saved? who has a plan that balances
justice and mercy perfectly? etc., but I dunno. The feelings that you
get when you actually ask God about the Book of Mormon and things like
that, they really don't occur in any other place. I do think people
get emotions and the Spirit mixed up super often. But I can't deny it,
I wholeheartedly believe that religion - and particularly this
religion - is more than just a psychological crutch. It's so much more
than what exists in our minds.

There's the random thought for the day. I hope it all made sense.
Enjoy life, y'all.

- Elder Taylor

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