Monday, March 21, 2016

Trunkiness never was happiness

Well, it's been a while since I sent an email so I figured I ought to send one to keep y'all updated.

Life in Texas is good. It's kind of getting to the point in my mission
where it's stopped feeling like "oh my gosh!! We're TALKING to 20 NEW
people today??" and now it's just become the regular thing to do each
day. I still have a ways to go on my teaching but it's getting better
every day. The people here are awesome. Yeah, pretty much every rumor
you hear about people in Texas is probably true, but they are really

So transfers happened almost two weeks ago now. It's pretty
unbelievable how fast time flies on the mission. I'm still in Sealy
but my new companion's name is Elder Yanzon. He's from the Philippines
and luckily he's another great missionary. I've already learned like
crazy from him. We plan super hard. I used to plan for half an hour
each night (or less) with Elder Jones. Now we plan for like an hour
and a half every night!! I need to sleep...

Overall we are staying pretty busy. The main struggle in the Sealy 1st
branch is the huge size of the area. Every member who comes to church
is spread super thin with all these responsibilities. Yesterday we got
a list of 61 prospective elders that live all over the place. I think
we've met about 5 of them, so it'll be some good finding.

We have two investigators right now with a baptismal date (I was
overly optimistic a few emails ago), Mario and his wife Ana. They are
super solid!! It's way awesome to see the change that has taken place
in their lives as we continue teaching the lessons. Their daughter
(who is an adult and doesn't live at home) walks through their house
every once in a while, and you can kinda tell by the way she looks at
us that she doesn't have a whole ton of respect for religion or
religious people. But! Ana told us yesterday that her daughter had
come up to them (when we weren't around) and asked about us. She was
like "who are those guys? Every time I come in and they're around I
just feel peace." (Not a direct quote of course but that's very much
what she said) and she said next time we were around and she was
around she would listen to us!! So That's Awesome.

Let me know if y'all have any questions about Texas or people in Texas
or whatever.

I love you all. (said every missionary email ever.)

Elder Taylor

P.S. Here are some pictures.

Some cool graffiti in Eagle Lake.

Elder Yanzon.

Elder Yanzon in Eagle Lake. This is pretty typical of the area.

This is a guy we walked by in Eagle Lake. We watched him catch a snapping turtle, and I guess he's going to make stew out of it.

The Houston Temple.

The new district at the temple. (P.S. we got to go to the temple. It was swell.)

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